Dental Technology in Nashville

Dental Technology in Nashville

Meet Your Bellemeade Dental Technology

What’s Ours Is Yours at Bite Dentistry
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Advanced Dentistry in Forest Hills

You can be state-of-the-art and up-to-date, but if the results aren’t there post-treatment then our Bellemeade dental technology benefits go to waste. You get it all at Bite Dentistry with innovative treatments designed to improve your oral and airway health. Dr. Cristin Lewis is at the forefront of her industry as an educator and as a consumer, investing in tools that bring even more comfort to your dental experience. You will feel the difference, without a doubt.

All-Digital, All-Day

Digital impressions won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth or feel uncomfortable. Through advancements in technology, we’re now able to collect the information we need without taking impressions the old-school way where you bite down on a mouthful of messy materials. In a matter of minutes, we’re able to capture and gather valuable information.

Mess-Free Digital Scanning

If you want to talk about high-tech, advanced dentistry in Forest Hills, then you’ll want to hear about our iTero Digital Scanning. It’s the more modern, mess-free method of collecting impressions of your teeth. With a digital scan, there’s more accuracy ensured for all of your cosmetic and restorative needs with less time in the dental chair.

More Precise Treatment Planning

CBCT is short for cone-beam computed tomography. Dr. Lewis can use this powerful tool to collect and analyze 3-D imagery of your teeth, jaw, and surrounding anatomy. CBCT is widely recognized as one of the most useful pieces of Green Hills dental technology when it comes to precise diagnosis and treatment planning, especially for dental implants.

Anxiety-Free Laser Dentistry

Advanced dentistry in Forest Hills wouldn’t exist without laser dentistry. It combines energy with water to reshape your soft tissue with an exactness that’s exclusive to this type of tool. It’s extremely beneficial for your oral and overall health, reducing dental anxiety, minimizing post-treatment conditions, and preserving your natural teeth from dangerous decay.

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