Nashville Wellness Dentistry

Nashville Wellness Dentistry

Whole-Health Bellemeade Wellness Dentistry

Smart Prevention for Ongoing Oral Health Perfection

Maintaining a healthy smile for a lifetime of overall wellness is made possible at Bite Dentistry through preventive wellness dentistry. We’re able to treat you as a whole, beginning with your oral health. Using our innovative technology, your personal treatment plan is created based on stopping dental issues before they start. By committing to regular hygiene cleanings and checkups, you’ve got the power to stay ahead of developing problems through our unique style of dental care in Bellemeade.

Comprehensive Exams for Every Patient

Our comprehensive examinations are as comfortable as they are comprehensive. You’re the center of attention with one-on-one care that starts with going over your oral and medical histories. Our team uses some of wellness dentistry’s most high-tech diagnostic tools and imaging to collect valuable information about your oral health.

Life-Saving Oral Cancer Screenings

Who knew that your regular hygiene cleanings and exams could save your life? It’s true with our oral cancer screenings. We’ve equipped to provide next-level dental care in Green Hills with VELscope® and Oral ID® advanced assessment technologies able to detect oral cancer at its earliest stages.

Safe Digital and Panoramic X-Rays

Our digital radiography and panoramic x-rays can easily capture in-depth images of your mouth and teeth for easy storage and viewing. One of the biggest benefits of using digital technology is you’re exposed to much less radiation than traditional x-rays which also require chemicals or paper to develop.

Complete Dental Hygiene Treatments

Our incredible team of hygienists at Bite Dentistry have decades of experience and are certified in the safe administration of local anesthesia. They love learning about wellness dentistry’s latest tools and techniques, using our special cavity-detecting Cavitron technology along with high-resolution digital cameras to maintain healthy smiles for patients of all ages.

Minimally-Invasive Periodontal Treatments

We know that optimal oral health supports your systemic health. Your gums play an extremely important part in all of this having a close interdependent relationship with your teeth. We offer a variety of solutions for patients with varying degrees of periodontal or gum disease including ARESTIN® treatment and powerful home care products.

Protective Customized Mouthguards

A mouthguard from your Bellemeade wellness dentist is a removable appliance crafted from a durable plastic that will rest comfortably over your teeth. Our mouthguards can be used to cover the top and bottom teeth for reliable protection against sports or bruxism (teeth grinding) injury.

Same-Day Emergency Dentistry Relief

Dental emergencies don’t wait, they happen when you least expect them. If you’re in pain and in need of emergency dental care in Bellemeade, call Bite Dentistry. We have both same- and next-day appointments available to bring relief and comfort back to you and your smile.

Positively Perfect Pediatric Dentistry

Kids of all ages are welcome at Bite Dentistry. We believe that every child should have a positive, fun experience with pediatric and wellness dentistry. This lends itself to a lifetime dedicated to caring for their oral health.

Pain-Relieving Tongue and Lip Ties

Parents, listen up! There’s a way to stop the crying and the pain for your little one (and for you) with a quick treatment known as a frenectomy to fix tongue and lip ties. These uncomfortable conditions can make the early months of breastfeeding even more challenging. Relax and learn more about safe, effective laser frenectomies.

A Defense Against Cavities

Dental sealants are often recommended by your Nashville general dentist to seal your child’s teeth, specifically the molars, to protect against tooth decay. They consist of a thin, BPA-free plastic coating carefully painted onto their teeth covering deep grooves where cavities thrive.
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