Nashville Sedation Dentistry

Nashville Sedation Dentistry

Safe Sedation Dentistry in Green Hills

See How Tranquility Can Overpower Any Dental Anxiety

A Conversation About Sedation Dentistry

Are you tired of always being nervous about dental care? Relax and forget about everything that makes you uneasy. Talk with Dr. Cristin Lewis, your sedation dentist in Bellemeade. that’s proven effective and safe at alleviating stressful dental visits. Your mind and body will be less tense to allow for more comfortable, productive experiences in our office and access to treatments you never thought possible in the past. Sedation dentistry is proven effective at helping patients who:

  • Are unable to sit still for long periods of time
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Don't like needles
  • Have complex dental needs

Dental Anxiety Doesn't Control You

You’re more resilient and stronger than you know. Don’t let that go because of what you’ve heard about or experienced with dental anxiety in your personal life. There are over 50 million people across America who are struggling along with you, oftentimes in silence. Speak up, yet get the oral health care you deserve in peace thanks to the overwhelming newfound freedom you feel with your sedation dentist in Green Hills on your side.

You can save time and money with sedation dentistry, allowing you to have the benefit of having multiple treatments completed in one visit.

Good News About Nitrous Oxide

Leave it up to a little “laughing gas” to help you finally relax at the dentist. Nitrous oxide has been used in Nashville sedation dentistry for decades as a mild sedative that’s even safe for our youngest patients. Anxiety is easily reduced so relaxation can set in when you begin to inhale the odorless gas through a mask placed over your nose. It flows safely and freely throughout your treatment before wearing off quickly after completion. There’s no reason to miss work or arrange additional transportation.

We're Oral Sedation Certified

Oral sedation is something you and Dr. Lewis will plan ahead for because it requires a prescription for an oral medication. You simply pick up your pills and follow the directions prior to your appointment at Bite Dentistry where we’re certified in safe oral sedation. You’ll find your dental anxiety doesn’t stand a chance and you’ll feel fully relaxed before your treatment even begins. Please note that oral sedation does require someone to escort you to and from our office.
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The Cure for Your Dental Anxiety Is Sedation Dentistry