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Healing What’s Hurting Your Oral and Overall Health
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Rewrite Your Smile’s Story

Every smile has a story to tell, but what does yours say about you? Dr. Cristin Lewis is a Bellemeade restorative dentist who’s ready to listen with an integrative approach to holistic care backed by incredible credentials. Bite Dentistry is where restorative dentistry in Forest Hills means taking on new challenges that are no match for our state-of-the-art dental technology and expertise. From professional athletes to Nashville’s elite like you, we’ve restored more smiles than you can imagine.

Natural-Looking Composite Fillings

More commonly referred to as “tooth-colored,” composite fillings are made of biocompatible resins and glass-like filler materials that help strengthen decayed teeth. Your composite fillings are available in a variety of colors that brilliantly mimic the beautiful shading of your natural teeth, compared to darkening metal or amalgam fillings.

Custom-Crafted Porcelain Inlays/Onlays

Patients often wonder what porcelain inlay and onlays are or what they do to restore damaged teeth. We generally rely on them when a composite filling won’t do the job correctly. As their name suggests, porcelain inlays fit inside your tooth cavity to maximize chewing capacity. Onlays extend to the outer edges for added strength and durability.

More Comfortable Dentures and Partials

Replacing your missing teeth is easier than ever with your Nashville restorative dentist. We customize dentures and partials out of advanced dental materials that ensure a more precise, pleasant fit. You get support for your natural facial contours to speak, smile, and chew with renewed confidence.

Restoration for Aging Dental Implants

Do you have a dental implant or have implants worn out over time? Dr. Cristin Lewis can help with dental implant restoration in Nashville. You won’t have to worry about your dental work failing or being in pain. We can help bring back the proper function to your teeth so you can get back to living the life you love.

Smart Oral Surgery Solutions

The word “surgery” is enough to make anyone want to avoid seeing their Nashville restorative dentist even more than usual. Here’s something you need to know, Dr. Cristin Lewis believes in holistic dentistry and total body function. Sometimes oral surgery is necessary to protect your oral health which could impact your overall health. Surgery can correct a variety of conditions and get you out of pain.

Minor Extractions, Major Relief

As hard as we work at Bite Dentistry to preserve your natural teeth, sometimes they are troublesome requiring a minor extraction. Dr. Lewis has digital diagnostic tools and advanced technology to assess your situation and plan accordingly for any treatment. Sedation dentistry is available for maximum comfort and total relaxation.

Smart Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your third molars or wisdom teeth are the grand finales to your adult tooth development phase of life. Sometimes they lack sufficient room for healthy eruption, are underdeveloped, or start to decay leading to trouble for surrounding teeth. Getting your wisdom teeth out early is much easier than waiting until later in life.

Affordable Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant is a huge part of our restorative dentistry in Nashville. However, you need the right amount of density in your jawbone for maximum success. Dr. Cristin Lewis can carefully place a bone graft in an extraction site to help you grow and strengthen your support for a dental implant.
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