Bonding, Crowns & Bridges

Bonding, Crowns & Bridges

Triple Transformations: Bonding — Crowns — Bridges

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Understanding the Basics of Bonding

Effective, efficient, and economical are three words that describe tooth bonding in Green Hills in a nutshell. This technique is used regularly at Bite Dentistry with dental crowns and dental bridges to help do away with discolored teeth or gapped grins. When bonding is applied to your teeth, it will resemble your natural tooth enamel with a perfectly sculpted balance that enhances everything you already love about your smile. This one-visit treatment is ultra-quick and convenient using innovative technology designed to create enhanced oral and overall health.

Imperfections Corrected With Composite Bonding

Tooth bonding in Bellemeade is a more affordable option than porcelain veneers and has its uses in both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Veneers are created from hard porcelain, while dental bonding begins as a liquid composite resin that’s molded to your chipped, cracked, or worn teeth.

Restore Damage With Dental Crowns

At Bite Dentistry, our all-ceramic dental crowns are never fabricated from metals. We rely on them to bring integrity back to your tooth structure that’s been damaged by:

  • Decay
  • Trauma
  • Root canals
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism)
A crown or cap can give you back a healthier smile that functions as good as it looks. Our crowns are carefully crafted for you to remain as durable and beautiful as your natural teeth.

Fix Missing Teeth With Dental Bridges

Are you missing a few teeth? Dental bridges give patients a highly stable and fixed solution relying on the support of our all-ceramic crowns or strategically placed implants. Your dental bridge helps you to regain functions so the foods that were formerly off the table, are back on the menu. Dental bridges also prevent your remaining teeth from shifting, adding protection to your bite alignment. These things may seem small but they have big implications for what’s happening inside your mouth and throughout your body.

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Tooth Bonding in Bellemeade Is Better at Bite Dentistry