Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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What Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

You might hear snoring and automatically think of sleep apnea, or vice versa. But the truth is this disorder can be harmful to your oral health and well-being in general without the help of a highly-trained sleep apnea dentist like Dr. Cristin Lewis. She understands the vicious cycle of stopping and starting to breathe throughout the night. More importantly, she knows how to help you achieve better sleep through the use of a custom sleep apnea appliance.

Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Knowing if your snoring is simply bad breathing or sleep apnea comes down to working with Dr. Lewis to schedule a sleep study that you conduct in the comfort of your bed at home. This diagnostic test will tell us about the severity of your sleep-disordered breathing. Your sleep apnea dentist uses the results to play a role in your integrative therapy that’s specifically designed for you. We can walk you through the process to begin healing and feeling your best.

Switching Out Your CPAP

Dr. Lewis became Nashville’s trusted airway mouth doctor out of love for her husband and hate for snoring. He was a long-time user of a CPAP machine, the most common form of therapy for sleep apnea sufferers. However, it didn’t work for him and as his intolerance grew, Dr. Lewis knew what she needed to do. She learned more about sleep apnea appliance therapy, going beyond band-aiding the problem to helping patients breathe better forever.

What’s a Snoreguard?

We love it when patients can finally say goodbye to their CPAP machines and snoring thanks to our custom sleep apnea devices. Let Dr. Lewis show you all the benefits of something called a snoreguard that works similarly to a mouthguard or orthodontic retainer. It works well at keeping your tongue and soft tissues located in the back of your throat from collapsing. Instead, your airway remains open so you continue to breathe easier and sleep better.
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