New Patients in Nashville

New Patients in Nashville

Need-To-Know Guide for New Dental Patients

A Welcoming That Feels More Like a Homecoming
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Understanding Your First Visit

Knowing what to expect after you’ve been spending all of your time searching for a “dental office near me” is what you deserve. We’re here to alleviate any anxiety before you even set foot in Bite Dentistry. Dr. Cristin Lewis and our entire team love starting new relationships where empowering patients begins with a conversation and true one-on-one care. We get to know your smile, but more importantly, we find out more about you through a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive examination that will take about two hours. We go in-depth, examining your mouth and jaw using state-of-the-art digital imagery and mess-free iTero® scanning technology. A hygiene cleaning may follow, depending on your needs. We saved a seat for you and your family, making it simple for you to regain control of your oral and airway health in a place where every new dental patient feels safe.

Where Your Comfort Matters Most

Imagine how much you could do for yourself and your smile if dentistry felt as good as relaxing at home. Our Nashville dental office is styled in a way where wellness feels natural on every level, from your teeth to your toes. With TVs in all of our high-tech treatment rooms, complete with your own custom music playlists, there’s always a way to make your “stay” with us a little bit more personal. New dental patients can take advantage of our complimentary:

  • Obstructed nasal passages
  • Relaxed and poorly toned throat and tongue muscles
  • Bulky throat tissue, long soft palate, or large uvula
  • Alcohol and muscle relaxants
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Sleeping on back
You’ll also melt away into total relaxation courtesy of our special Adec dental chairs, specially designed to cater to your comfort.

Your Payment and Insurance Options

You can’t be your best self and have a healthy smile if you’re stressed about finances. Bite Dentistry can answer your questions about how we work with dental insurance. We’re in-network with Delta Dental and take assignments of benefits for out-of-network. Our team members know how to maximize your coverage and are happy to file insurance claims on your behalf along with completing complimentary benefits checks. We find solutions to make dental care work for you, including:
  • Reductions for cash payments
  • Low-interest, third-party financing
  • Discounts for our valued military and senior patients
  • Acceptance of all major credit cards and personal checks
Never let anything stand between you and total body wellness again. We have the tools to help you!

Your New Patient Forms

To streamline your first visit to Bite Dentistry, we’ll send personalized digital forms via text or email for you to complete before your appointment. It’s easy and hassle-free. Just submit them, and we’ll handle the rest.

Ensuring Your Stress-Free Accessibility

Bite Dentistry has 100 percent handicap accessibility making getting award-winning Nashville dental care a possibility for everyone. We won’t have it any other way. Our team has the training and experience for a more accommodating experience that is always positive and comprehensive.
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Don’t Get Left Out. Become a New Patient at Nashville’s Bite Dentistry!

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